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With the Christmas break and the school ball just around the corner, Remus, despite his aversion to dancing and dressing up in his finest clothes, couldn’t help but feel the quiet excitement that hummed through him. He was used to being away from home of course, seven years attending Hogwarts kind of made that a given, but this term had been more— than Remus remembered happening in a while. There’d been so many close calls with his transformations, and even Edgar stumbling upon that closely kept secret. His fight with Daisy, though the two of then were as strong as ever, had been the final straw as it were - he was ready to take a break from the craziness of the school and see his parents. To head back to his loved room and curl up with his old books, maybe to invite Daisy over to visit, to rest, to recharge. He’d miss the castle of course, it was his second home, and as he strolled into the Great Hall for dinner he couldn’t help but grin at how beautiful it could be. The Christmas decorations were up, the best that magic could hang, and they looked wonderful. Sitting himself down at one of the benches, Remus took a sip from the goblet that filled in front of him.

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    Unable to stop the beam that tugged at his mouth and stretched across his face, Remus dipped his head briefly down...
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    Daisy was caught off guard; that had been the last thing she had expected. Her mouth opened slightly, a hundred replies...